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4th Open European Day - Resilient Cities 2017
4th Open European Day - Resilient Cities 2017
3 maggio 2017 09:00 - 18:00
Bonn, Germany

As in previous years, the fourth Open European Day will focus on city-to-city exchange on urban adaptation and its format will facilitate even more interactive discussion and sharing of experiences.  This year’s Open European Day will also include interactive workshops around key themes. In each workshop, a city will present a real-life challenge and during the workshop, participants will explore solutions to these challenges.

These challenges will span across three themes: 


As part of adapting to climate change, cities can transform the structures and systems in place by and for their citizens.


A combination of high and low-tech solutions, creative technology-based infrastructure and communication solutions and forward-thinking governance models are needed to tackle the complex challenges arising from climate change.  


Well-adapted cities involve citizens in actively shaping their urban environment.

Organiser: ICLEI


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