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Covenant of Mayors East: European climate finance supports cities in scaling up their local action
11 dicembre 2017 - 12:53
The support provided by the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) enables signatory cities of the Covenant of Mayors East initiative to scale up their energy and climate action...
Space for cities initiative seeks to explore potential of satellite-based services to improve urban quality of life
11 dicembre 2017 - 10:10
A new European initiative for cities aims to foster the quality of life in urban areas through the peaceful use of satellite services....
New Smart Cities project MatchUp to facilitate uptake of 2030 Covenant of Mayors objectives
7 dicembre 2017 - 10:22
The new MatchUp Smart Cities project will make it easier for several Covenant cities to take up the 2030 objectives of the Covenant of Mayors....
Interview with Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam Abdeluheb Choho: "We consider sustainability as an engine for society and a driver of the economy"
6 dicembre 2017 - 10:14
In the November issue of the Covenant of Mayors newsletter, Deputy Mayor of Amsterdam Abdeluheb Choho told us about his city's long term vision, the main difficulties they have been facing in implemeting their energy and climate strategy and how the Covenant of Mayors have been helping....
**New case study** Bratislava, Slovakia: A scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations
5 dicembre 2017 - 09:14
Through its subsidy scheme for the purchase of rainwater management installations, the municipality of Bratislava encourages households to contribute to protecting the city from pluvial floods and property from damage...
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