• 10 Mar 2020

    Webinar: Local solutions for healthier cities: improving urban air quality

    Organiser: Others

    Organised by the International Urban Cooperation


    The Webinar will be held from 9:30 until 11:00am CET.


    Worldwide exposure to outdoor air pollution causes 4.2 million deaths every year. Urban populations are particularly exposed to poor air quality due to high concentrations of air pollutants in cities. To successfully address urban air pollution, we must shift towards more sustainable transport, energy supplies, and public space design and management.

    Cities are innovation hubs. They thus have a key role to play in improving air quality through the design, monitoring and implementation of air quality plans at local levels. National and international collaboration is also essential.
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    For more information and to view the webinar agenda, click here. Should you have any questions, please contact support@iuc-europe.eu.