• 18 Mar 2020

    Countdown - Working together to fight climate change

    Countdown is a worldwide movement to find ways to shift, more rapidly, to a worldwith net zero greenhouse emissions and tackle the climate crisis.

    Powered by TED, and in partnership with the Global Covenant of Mayors, the main questions the project wants to answer are:

    • How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?
    • How can we re-engineer the stuff that surrounds us?
    • How do we transform the ways we move?
    • How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?
    • How extensively can we re-green the earth?


    Countodown aims to gather as many people as possible from all over the world to get answers to the questions above and to take action in the fight against climate change:

    Finding ideas to transform your business in a more sustainable direction,connecting with neighbours to organize a local event in your cities or even getting new perspectives on how to fullfill small changes in your private life, all of this is a part of the Countdown movement.

    The goal is to involve as many cities and citizens as possible to take action with projects to fight against the climate change. Those events are supposed to be held on 10 October 2020 or the week after.

    People all over the world will get in touch with each other to fight climate change. The Countdown Team will help you connect with them to take action together!

    The days before this, a summit will be held in Bergen, Norway, to put the finishing touches on a year of careful preparation by contributors from around the world. There’ll be talks, collaboration and actions, all as preperation for the big week from 10 to 18 October.

    For more information on the resources available to cities and towns and advice on how to accelerate the action underway, get in contact at countdown.ted.com