• 12 Feb

    Take part in a UNESCO survey on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments in Cities!

    The UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change, an association specialised in life-cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint in sectors such as energy, waste or sustainable construction, warmly invites the Covenant community to participate in a survey on Life Cycle Sustainability Assessments of cities.  

    Cities are becoming increasingly important in managing key issues such as water scarcity and transitioning to new economic models - i.e. circular economy. The use and application of the LCA approach is gaining ground across Europe, and is considered to be a useful tool in achieving the 11th goal of the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs): Sustainable Cities and Communities.

    The current UNESCO survey wants to set the basis for Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of cities. A key issue of this assessment is the need to set which activities (and related impacts) should be attributed to each city, in order to distribute responsibility and accountability for related externalities. The survey also aims to gather feedback from Covenant of Mayors signatory cities on how cities' boundaries should be defined in this regard, and how he impacts of activities that take place in different geographic locations can be allocated.

    The UNESCO survey only has 13 questions, and takes 10 minutes to answer. You can answer it under the following link

    • Interested to know more about the work of the UNESCO chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change? Check out their website

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