• 27 Nov 2018

    The Covenant of Mayors and the Province of Barcelona. 10 years fighting climate change

    Barcelona Province (Catalonia, Spain) joined the Covenant of Mayors 10 years ago, as one of the first Covenant Coordinators. A specific campaign has been launched to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Covenant.

    On 2 October, Barcelona Province launched the communication campaign “10 years of the Covenant of Mayors in the Province of Barcelona” during the Spanish Meeting of the Covenant of Mayors, held in Barcelona as part of the Climate Alliance International Conference.

    Deputy for Environment and Natural Spaces of the Barcelona Province (DiBA) Valentí Junyent, inaugurated the campaign: "From the very first moment, Barcelona Province committed to the Covenant of Mayors objectives and recognised the importance of the role of the cities and towns in the fight against climate change, both in mitigation and adaptation".

    According to Junyent, the main lesson learned from the first ten years as a Covenant Coordinator is that "each town and city works from its specificity and therefore requires different solutions, because there are not two equal municipalities: coastline or interior, urban or rural, large or small...all of them have to be taken into account ".

    More than 700 municipalities

    Catalan CoMBarcelona Province was one of the first Covenant Coordinators in Europe. Thanks to the success of the initiative, other Catalan provincial councils joined  the movement as coordinators and supporters in the following years. As a result, as of today over 730 out of the 947 municipalities in Catalonia have joined.

    A success story

    In the province of Barcelona, ​​the Covenant of Mayors has been a successful and well-received initiative. More than 98% of the population of the province lives in a Covenant municipality. The causes of this success are to be found in the comprehensive support that has been offered by the Barcelona Province for 10 years now.

    This support begins with the writing of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Plans (SECAP), and continues during the implementation and monitoring phase. Specific capacity building support is also offered. Barcelona Province has developed methodologies and tools that are updated on a regular basis.

    Capacity building is a key factor: DiBa offers support in the field of communication and campaigning, in particular during the EUSEW. Courses and workshops on specific issues are offered to local authorities’ staff. Since having a plan is not enough for most of the municipalities, technical and economic support is also offered during implementation of the actions.

    Celebrating 10 years

    Barcelona Province launched the "10 years of the Covenant of Mayors" campaign in October. In the framework of the campaign, the Council developed a variation of the EU Covenant of Mayors logo, created interactive infographics and a promotional video on the 10th anniversary of the movement. The website and the communication materials were also updated with new information and design elements.

    barcelona infographic

    A Special DIBA Environmental Service newsletter section is also foreseen: every month will be dedicated to a specific topic, such as biomass and data collection(in November) and energy agencies (scheduled for December). These actions include press releases, presence in local and regional meetings and conferences related to these topics.

    The campaign will end with a ceremony acknowledging the municipalities' efforts, during an event to be held on 19 February 2019.

    Check the Covenant of Mayors in Barcelona website to learn more!