• 27 Mar 2019

    With the "Battle for Climate", municipalities in the Province of Antwerp compete to reduce CO2

    To respond to the impact of climate change in its area, Covenant Coordinator Province of Antwerp (Belgium) worked with its municipalities, citizens, schools and companies to come up with ambitious actions. This is how the “Battle for Climate” was born.

    During one year, this competition opposed 69 municipalities of the Province of Antwerp. They all competed to be the municipality with the lowest carbon footprint, encouraging citizens to contribute.

    The Province of Antwerp cooperated with the For Good smartphone application, to implement the “Battle for Climate” into an app. With this app, citizens were able to measure their footprint, receive tips to reduce it and compensate some of their emissions, and keep track of the progress of their municipalities in the challenge with their smartphone.

    Thanks to this friendly competition, citizens in the Antwerp area reduced their emission by more than 3,000 tons of CO2 in only one year.